School without Walls is a MS and HS program where students are given the opportunity to explore, learn and live new experiences outside of the classroom. Each student is required to cover these academic days as announced on the school calendar participating in one of the announced trips.


Sign Up Procedure: 

  1. Explore all the trip choices and details on our website (
  2. Attend Parent Q & A session (check schedule on page 3)
  3. The SWW Registration Form link will be sent to the guardian’s email address.
  4. After reading all procedures, proceed to SWW Registration Form to fill the application online
  5. Read the Disclaimer thoroughly then press the I Agree button to proceed
  6. Trips students are assigned to, will be based on priority of time and date
  7. To ensure a variety of experiences and exposures along the years, students must sign up for different destinations each year. All trips, except for Out & About Cairo, are to be chosen once only.
  8. All trips are dependent on predetermined numbers
  9. Having access to sign up on a trip does not guarantee your spot on the trip. Final lists will be announced shortly after the sign up window closes.
  10. The SWW Registration Form must include 3 different choices otherwise it will be considered incomplete and rejected even after submission.
  11. An sms will be sent to parents when the final student lists are posted on SWW website and portal
  12. Due to the recent and continuous fluctuations and to secure the current offers, your prompt submission of the registration form and full payment is highly appreciated and needed
  13. The cost is based on current transportation and hotel prices. The cost is subject to change at the time of booking
  14. To complete registration parents must print and sign the hard copy registration form (found on the website under PRINT) and submit both the registration form and payment to the events department
  15. Payment schedule is listed below. Students who do not submit the signed SWW Registration Form and full payment risk their spot on their assigned trip.
  16. Students must be aware of the behavior contract submitted while signing up.
  17. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime!


MS SWW Trip Choices:

  G Program Days / Night Approximate Cost **
Local Day trips MS Out & About Cairo 5D L.E 1,300
MS JOE—Journey of Entrepreneurship Course 5D L.E 1,750
MS One of Each—Art Course 5D L.E 2,350

Overnight trips

G6 A Journey to the past! Luxor & Aswan 5D/4N L.E 3,900
Art & Sailing—El Gouna 4D/3N L.E 5,250
Along the Red Sea— Makkadi Bay, Hurghada 5D/4N L.E 4,600
G7 Sea, Sun and Sand.. Matrouh & Siwa 5D/4N L.E 3,700
Marsa Allam – Marine Expedition 5D/4N L.E 4,900
Hiking St. Catherine and Dahab 5D/4N L.E 3,800
G8 Dahab – FIT IN 5D/4N L.E 6,000
Surfs Up— Ras Sedr 4D/3N L.E 3,600
Sinai Odessa 5D/4N L.E 3,300
Independent Project  is only granted upon principal approval


HS SWW Trip Choices:

  Program Days / Night Approximate Cost **
Local day trips Let’s Make a Difference!

Community Service Project

5D L.E 1000
Photography Course 5D L.E 1,300

Overnight trips

Marsa Allam – Beginners Diving Course 5D/4N € 54 + L.E 5,200
Marsa Allam – Advanced Diving Course 5D/4N € 54 + L.E 5,200
Kingdom of Nubia 5D/4N L.E 3,300
The Magnificent Sinai 5D/4N L.E 3,500
The City Under the Sea— Alexandria 5D/4N L.E 3,900
Siwa Oasis 5D/4N L.E 3,300

*Dates may shift a day before or after according to availability of reservations. Exact dates will be announced once trips reach the minimum capacity needed

** Approximate Cost: The cost is based on current transportation and hotel prices. The cost is subject to change at the time of booking


Payment Schedule:

Time Monday










Break 15 min 9 R 10 R 6 R 7 R 8 R
Lunch 30 min 9 E, S, T 10 E, S, T 6 E, S, T 7 E, S, T 8 E, S, T

Important Dates:

Event Date Location
MS Parents Q&A

Session with Vendors

January 16, 2017,

from 2:00pm—3:00pm

MRC Ground floor


HS Parents Q&A

Session with Vendors

January 15, 2017

From 3:00pm—4:00pm

MRC Ground floor


MS & HS On-line sign up January  16 , 2017 @ 7:00pm to

January  18 , 2017 @ 8:00am

Link sent by mail
Announce Student Lists Week of  January 22, 2017 Portal
MS/HS Registration Form + Full Payment


According to schedule above Events Department
Pre trip Parent Meeting  with Vendors TBC TBA



**For any inquires contact


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