G 9 & 10 TRIPS: Let’s Make a Difference! Community service project


Location: Cairo
Organizer: Hayah
Date of Trip: March 12 – March 16, 2017
Duration: 5 Days
Time of departure: 7:30 am

Arrival to school and departure by regular means of transportation

Trip Brief:  Community Service project
Approximate Cost:

(The cost is based on current transportation and hotel prices. All prices are subject to increase at time of booking. Parents will be informed of any increase)

 LE 1000
Cost Includes: · Transportation, supplies & meals on all days
Supplies Needed:

(Cameras and all electronic and personal property is the responsibility of the student. The school will not be held responsible for theft or vandalism of student’s personal property)

One backpack , bottled water
– Casual conservative and simple clothes suitable for physical labor
Medical Concerns: If the student will need to take medicine, clearly label the bottle with student name, dosage, and time given. Medicine must be handed in to the teacher before departure from the school.
Items Not Allowed: Video games, PSP, game related technology.

Hard candy including lollipops and jaw breakers – Red Bull – Power Horse – Gum

*If any of these items are found, they will be confiscated at the beginning of the program and handed back at the end.

Pocket Money Personal discretion