MS TRIPS: G6 – A Journey to the Past! Luxor and Aswan


Luxor  lox  nubia

Location: Luxor & Aswan
Organizer: Hayah
Duration: 5 Days/ 4 Nights
Departure Date/Time/Location: Friday 10/3/2017 @ 4:30pm – Train # 86

Parent Drop-off @ Gate 7

Arrival Date/Time/Location: Thursday 16/3/2017 @ 10:00am – Train # 87

Parent Pick-up @ Gate 1

Accommodation: Aswan – Basma Hotel

Luxor – St. Joseph hotel

Nubia – Ekadolli Guest House

Teachers Attending: Ms. Allia Hassan, Ms. Farah Hieba, Mr. Medhat Mamdouh
Cost Includes: ·Over Night Train Fare and all Transportation, Accommodation, All meals, All activities
Approximate Cost:

(The cost is based on current ticket and hotel prices. The cost might change slightly at the time of booking)

LE 3,900


Activities: Day 1:  Arrival in Luxor, pickup and transfer to the hotel, visit East Bank sites Karnak & Luxor temples. Explore the lavish tombs of three pharaohs and Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, as well as visiting a Luxor village to know Luxor families’ life, culture and tradition. Have a delicious lunch at El Umda house, afternoon bon fire

Day 2: Arrival to Aswan. Visit the High Dam, friendship Lotus, Flower Monument. Oriental Lunch at the Nile. Shopping at Aswan market

Day 3: Visit Nubian Museum, Philae temple, Aswan Botanical Garden. Lecture about the history of Nubia

Day 4: Visit Tombs of the Nobles, ride a camel to St. Simeon’s Monastery and Aga Khan Monastery. Sand Boarding at Barber beach. Check in Anakato. Nubian night party (Galabia party)

Day 5: Visit Magdy Yakoub Hospital. Back to Cairo

Supplies Needed:

(Cameras and all electronic and personal property is the responsibility of the student. The school will not be held responsible for theft or vandalism of student’s personal property)

All below items must be clearly labeled with names.

One piece of luggage, one backpack

Clothes: Change of clothing (sport clothing), water proof jacket, (windbreaker)/sweater, hat, sport shoes, socks, crocs, scarf, izdal, sun glasses
Toiletries: toothbrush, tooth paste, soap/shampoo, comb/brush, cocoa butter, sunscreen, towel, toilet seat covers, wet wipes, hand sanitizers, insect repellent
Medical Concerns: Pencil, pen, small spiral notebook
Items Not Allowed: If the student will need to take medicine, clearly label the bottle with student name, dosage, and time given. Medicine must be handed in to the teacher before departure from the school.
Pocket Money For souvenir shopping