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Please print and fill the below Waiver and Health info forms to be given to the organizer on the first day of the trip:

Dayma Waiver & Health Form


Location: SIWA
Organizer: DAYMA
Duration: 5 Days/ 4 Nights
Teachers Attending: Mr. Ahmed Omar, Mr. Antonia Cassel
Accommodation: Siwa Desert Rose Hotel + 1 camping night
Departure Date/Time/Location:  Sunday 12/3/2017 @ 6:00am

Parent Drop-off @ Gate 1

Arrival Date/Time/Location:  Thursday 16/3/2017 @ 7:00pm

Parent Pick-up @ Gate 1

Approximate Cost:

(The cost is based on current transportation and hotel prices. All prices are subject to increase at time of booking. Parents will be informed of any increase)

L.E 3,300
Trip Brief: The program offered demonstrates the complexity found in Siwa. By understanding a culture with its own traditions, and language. Learning about the learning about the relationship between land and architecture and how eco-friendly Siwa was. Finally, getting an understanding of how tourism can impact this Oasis.
Cost Includes: Transportation, Accommodation , All Meals, All activities

Day 1: Travel to Siwa Cairo, stop for lunch Marsa Matrouh, check in to hotel and ice breakers

Day 2: Breakfast, visting Shali, Siwan house, lunch Cleopatra spring, Cleopatra spring, visiting farm of packaging of dates, Interviewing elders, dinner, reflections and Meeting NGO

Day 3: Great Sand Sea – Safari (nature walk, fossils, sand boarding), Safari, lunch in the desert Safari, camping in the desert

Day 4: Breakfast + packing in desert, community service at school Siwan School, lunch in Siwa Restaurant, culture evening + Dinner

Day 5: Breakfast + packing + departure to cairo

Supplies Needed:(Cameras and all electronic and personal property is the responsibility of the student. The school will not be held responsible for theft or vandalism of student’s personal property) All below items must be clearly labeled with names.One piece of luggage, one backpack , one sleeping bag, one flash ligh
Clothes: Change of clothing (sport clothing, 5 tshirts) , water proof jacket, (windbreaker)/sweater, fleece hoodie, hat, sports shoes, socks, crocs, water shoes, flip-flops, scarf, swim wear (Boys: knee length swimming trunks, Girls: knee length shorts elbow length sleeves swim wear)
Toiletries: toothbrush, tooth paste, soap/shampoo, comb/brush, cocoa butter, sunscreen, towel, toilet seat covers, wet wipes, insect repellent
Medical Concerns: If the student will need to take medicine, clearly label the bottle with student name, dosage, and time given. Medicine must be handed in to the teacher before departure from the school.
Items Not Allowed: Video games, PSP, game related technology.* At   teacher discretionHard candy including lollipops and jaw breakers – Redbull – Gum – Power horse*If any of these items are found, they will be confiscated at the beginning of the program and handed back at the end.
Pocket Money For souvenir shopping
Parent Organizer Meeting:


Price includes:

– Transportation (rentals of buses and 4WD vehicles)

– Full board accommodation

– Entrance fees or charges for all activities


Price excludes: souvenir shopping and emergency money

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